CROCODILE PARK | Viaport Marina | ViaSea Tema Park

ViaSea Tema Park Aquarium has the “BEST” and “UNUSUAL” features..

At ViaSea Tema Park Aquarium, the first climate-themed aquarium in the world, you will be able to observe the lives of thousands of marine species living in different climate zones.

More than 12,000 sea creatures at ViaSea Tema Park Aquarium, where education and entertainment come together, is looking forward to you at 47 exhibitions with different themes. By looking at the history under the water, you can open the doors of a world brimming with sharks in the longest underwater aquarium tunnel in Istanbul.

You can participate in activities, such as Koi fish feeding with a bottle and exclusive Stingray handfeeding activities available daily in limited numbers, which you can experience at Viasea Aquarium only or get information from our guides about the species of the animals displayed at ViaSea Tema Park Aquarium.

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