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Terms of Use

The proprietor of the website is VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. and ViaSea Tema Park has the right of use and ownership on the website.

1. The user agrees with the terms of use of the Company's website by visiting and using this website. The user cannot continue to use the website claiming the he/she does not agree with any of the conditions in this agreement or by way of accepting some other conditions other than those set out in the agreement. VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. cannot lay any burden by claiming any legal or contractual reason, other than these terms of use. VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. shall have the right to modify, update and discontinue any information, condition, provision available in the content of the website or the extensions thereof, unilaterally at any time it wishes, without the need of giving any prior notice.

2. VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. does not guarantees or makes any commitment, implicitly or explicitly, on the accuracy, currency, sufficiency of the information on this website.

3. Some links can be provided via this website, in which case VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. does not guarantee or make any commitment, by any means, on the accuracy of the information on the pages for which a link is given, regardless of by who such pages are prepared. VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. does not assume any responsibility or give any advice, by any means and to any extent, for the use and receipt of the services linked through this website. The user shall solely be responsible for any and all loss/damage to be caused as a result of the use of such websites. These terms and conditions apply to all other web sites to which a link is provided and VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. cannot be held liable for any compensation by claiming any material/non-material or negative-positive loss, by putting forward any legal or contractual reason in such and similar circumstances.

4. VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. cannot be held liable by any means or at any level, by putting forward any reason, due to any and all loss to arise from the cases of disruption, delay, distortion, modification of the web page presentation for any reason, or in the cases of fault or negligence regarding the content of the page or any possible other cases.

5. Any information, wording, inscription, pictures, brand / trademarks, mottos/slogans and all other signs, including any and all information, page layout and the presentation of this website concerning the intellectual property rights which are available on this page are at the disposal of VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. It is strictly forbidden to copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute or sell the information on this web page or database, website, software-codes regarding this webpage, partly or wholly, online or by way of other means, without prior written consent of VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. In case of illegal use, the user shall be considered to agree the legal or punitive consequences of such use.

6. VIA MARINA YAPIM A.S. Cannot be hold responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss to arise from entering this site or using the site or any information, programs, etc. on this site by any means or at any level.

7. The user is deemed to have accepted all these terms of use by accessing this site or using the site, and in case of any disputes that may arise, Istanbul Courts shall be exclusively authorized provided that Turkish laws are implemented.

8. In case of membership of E-Bulletin, purchases of online ticket or Season card, the e-mail addresses and personal data that you will share with ViaSea Tema Park can be shared with third parties, legal entities and real persons which/whom we cooperate and / or for which/whom we announce our cooperation, in accordance with the privacy policy, and also your data will not be shared with any legal or natural persons which/that ViaSea Tema Park does not cooperate.

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