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About ViaSea Tema Park

Carrying out the most impressive living centres in Turkey, Via Properties "changes the definition of entertainment", thanks to the theme parks and entertainment centers it realizes.

ViaSea Tema Park entertainment complex, delivering services at Viaport Marina, world's first and only 5-function marina project, offers the theme park , aquarium , game hall, bowling and movies in one place.

Starting operation in May 2015 with the motto "Fun with family", ViaSea Tema Park project introduces the first theme park of the Anatolian Side.

ViaSea Tema Park, which has 28 different units inside, also host the Red Fire, one of the biggest 5th rollers coaster in Europe. Appealing to everyone from 7 to 70, ViaSea Tema Park invites those willing to live the unexperienced excitements to the magnificent world of “amusement.”

Via Entertainment which was put into operation shortly after ViaSea Tema Park comprises of 3 sections. Firstly launched in USA for the first time, the amusement center displays the movie, bowling and arcade behind a single door. Via Entertainment which is the favourite location for both the bowling lover who wish to do the best shot among his/her friends, the movie lover who can't wait for Friday for the new movies of is/her favourite actor/actress and the small kid who pushes the keys of the game console one after another, waiting for its visitors from any age at the Viaport Marina.

And. ViaSea Tema Park Aquarium which has the longest underwater tunnel in Istanbul brings 12 thousand marine anmals and the animal lovers together. While ViaSea Tema Park Aquarium, world's first climate-themed aquarium in the world, opens its doors to a whole lot different world, it offers training and fun in one place. ViaSea Tema Park Aquarium where you can feed the fish with a bottle and caress the stingrays with your hands while you take a journey through the fascinating underwater world, are awaiting the underwater explorers.

Family-size fun at ViaSea Tema Park!

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