Tema Park Park Rules | Viaport Marina | ViaSea Tema Park

Entry Ticket:
• You must purchase a daily ticket to enter ViaSea Theme Park.
• The daily entry ticket of ViaSea Theme Park is only for entrance to the park.
• The ticket price does not include amusement units, souvenirs, foods & beverages, photo service units and fair games.
• The entry ticket of ViaSea Theme Park cannot be refunded or canceled.
• The daily entry ticket of ViaSea Theme Park must be original, with the issue date and expiry date, and must be submitted before this date. If required, the Management of Theme Park can ask for identity and matching signature. In case of a false ticket or fraudulent use, legal actions shall be taken.
• Please keep your ticket/invoice with you until the end of your visit. You will need your ticket to enter and exit the park during the day.
• The responsibility of keeping the daily entry ticket of ViaSea Theme Park lies with our guests, and if lost, a new ticket shall be purchased.
• Entry is free of charge for our 0-36 months years old and younger guests. They shall be charged for the units they are allowed to use.

Other Rules:
• Amusement units always carry a certain risk. By entering the park, you shall be deemed to have acknowledged the inherent risks that any reasonable/responsible person should be aware of. It is obligatory to follow the written warnings, limitations and verbal warnings of the officials about the units.
• Visitors under 15 are not allowed in the park without an accompanying person, and the accompanying people are responsible of the person they are accompanying. Visitors under 15 cannot be accompanied by a person under 18.
• For your safety and comfort, restrictions associated with the state of health, weight, height, age and accompanying person requirement apply for all the units. For your safety, you must comply with the restrictions
• Our guests must be in good state of health and not suffer from potential medical problems. In case that you are not sure about your state of health or suffer from mental, physical and chronic problems, you shall not be allowed to use the amusement units.
• In case of cardiovascular disorders, back disorders, neck/nape disorders, high blood pressure and after a recent surgery, our guests shall not be allowed to use the amusement units. Our pregnant guests shall not be allowed use the amusement units.
• In addition, the warning signs show height, age and other special restrictions about the unit and are checked by the staff. Please pay attention to and comply with these restrictions. Please make sure that you follow the warnings of Theme Park officials.
• Our physically disabled guests are allowed in the park with an entry ticket, accompanied by a person. However, they are not allowed to use the amusement units.
• Weather conditions and maintenance works may affect operations of the units in ViaSea Theme Park.
• Please contact our Guest Services Department to get information about ViaSea Theme Park units that are closed due to technical maintenance during the day.
• When necessary, the Management of ViaSea Theme Park may change the operation hours of Theme Park or relevant areas, close and/or temporarily restrict the access of our guests to part of Theme Park, or not allow visitors in for a certain period of time, without notifying about the time or without any prior notice and right to refund or compensation.
• It is not allowed to bring outside food and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages into ViaSea Theme Park or to consume foods and beverages, which are purchased from the Food and Beverage units of ViaSea Theme Park, in the amusement units and queues, except for the specified areas.

• The following acts are not allowed:
- Sale of goods or services in Theme Park without notifying the Management of Theme Park,
- Distribution of any written/printed materials,
- Unauthorized demonstrations, meetings and other similar activities,
- Use of emblems, flags, banners and similar materials with symbols for protests,
- Any act that may affect the safety and peace of our other guests in Theme Park,
- Any act that may affect the operation of Theme Park,

• It is strictly forbidden to bring sharp, flammable materials, weapons and explosive objects into ViaSea Theme Park. Our guests, who need to keep and bear arms because of their duties, shall not be allowed to use the units.
• Visitors, who are found to have consumed alcoholic beverages or similar substances and for whom use of the units in Theme Park is considered dangerous, are advised not to use the units.
• When necessary, the Security Unit of Theme Park may not allow the warned visitors to use the units and ask them leave Theme Park. Therefore, the visitor, who causes the damage, shall be held accountable for the damages of the third parties.
• For safety and security reasons, ViaSea Theme Park is not suitable for pets and pets are not allowed in Theme Park.
• The areas, where smoking is allowed in ViaSea Theme Park, have been specified. Penal actions for smoking in the areas where it is not allowed is set forth in Law Nr. 4207.
• It is not allowed to bring frisbees, balls and similar objects, which may present hazard to our visitors and/or prevent the officials from performing their duties, and devices such as skateboards and scooters, which may affect pedestrian traffic, into the park.
• The Management of ViaSea Theme Park or the person(s) authorized by the management have the authorization not to allow any visitor in the park and/or ask them leave the park in order to make sure that peace is not disturbed and security is not violated in ViaSea Theme Park due to theft, aggressive behaviors, violation of all the park rules, disturbance of the order in the queue while waiting, and failure to comply with the specified security rules.
• All photos, video and audio recordings taken by our guests shall be for private use only. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce or produce them for commercial purposes without obtaining the consent, in writing, of the Management of VIASEA Theme Park.
• For safety and security reasons, our park is monitored via a camera system.
• Our guests are recommended to choose appropriate clothing and shoes in order not to cause any safety problems in the units they wish to use. You are recommended not to wear accessories such as scarf, glasses, shawl, bag etc. while using the units.
• You can use the safety lockers for your personal belongings. Do not ask VIASEA officials to watch your personal belongings. The liability for lost belongings shall remain with our guests.
• In case of any conflicts between English and Turkish explanations, Turkish version shall be valid.

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